Postpartum Part 2

In my post Postpartum Part 1? I was talking about some of the stories that other mom’s had told me in regards to getting their bodies back in shape after having their babies.  If you remember one story the momma got her body back really fast.  Of course I thought that was going to be me.  The second story had a very different feel to it.  Then there was my story about my recovery with baby #1.

My birthday! A little beach time with #1 and a very rare picture of the two of us! Honestly a very rare picture of me. I am usually the one taking the pictures. Photo Credit: Eric Symons

#1 just came downstairs to ask when quiet time is over.  I told her “5 min longer than it was before because you came down to ask when quiet time is over”.  Boy, I am mean.

Momma needs some time.

I better try to write this fast as I am in between feedings with #2 and the oldest is REFUSING to have her quiet time.  Don’t you dare tell her to take a nap.  Because that will never happen.  Today she had to rest her body in her bed while I put her laundry away.  As I am writing this #1 just went back upstairs for the third time and slammed her door after terrorizing the poor dog.  She REFUSED to eat her lunch because she wanted to


……..I need to go stop the screaming

Photo Credit: Julian Symons

Ok back

Master bedroom door was slammed shut so that she could terrorize our dog.  Poor thing ( the dog that is) she gets attacked multiple times a day and all she does is lick her with the occasional yelp when something hurts too much.


Back on track…I think

So #1 REFUSED to eat her lunch Paleo Sweet Potato Chili 

I mean she wouldn’t even eat the corn bread that I got her (she loves the stuff).  All because she wanted to play a game.  Ok, so not just ANY game.  She wanted to play Sleeping Queens (affiliate link).  She LOVES this game is an understatement.  She still plays face up, doesn’t get help from us on strategy or what the cards do, and she DOESN’T always win.  My husband and I are very competitive and we would never just let someone win.

And she just came back down stairs again!

She wants quiet time to be over because she is hungry because she REFUSED her lunch.  And now before you say anything, this is something that we eat all of the time.  It isn’t a new dish, it doesn’t have flavors that she doesn’t like…..She just wanted to play the card game so bad that she refused to eat.

#1 after tidepooling with Daddy and Papa. So proud of everything that she found. Photo credit: Julian Symons

So, she had to sit and wait at the table while I ate and finished my lunch before we could play.  Now I know that some of you will say that I should have just taken the game away for the day but we have done that many times and it has a negative effect on her behavior for the whole day and sometimes spills into the next day!

Oh My!  I have really gotten off track.  I was supposed to be writing about my postpartum with #2.  What am I thinking…this is what my recovery has been like with #2.

At least this time my incision didn’t open!

It has been 3 months since #2 was born and now I get 3 hours of day care time at our gym!  3 hours!  It is amazing.

I honestly have been so cautious.  I am trying to push myself a little bit more each day.  But I am very nervous that somehow the incision will open up again.

I am swimming a few times a week.  I am not a very good swimmer but I am trying.  I am there and getting a little bit better each time.  I walk while #1 rides her bike up and down our street.  We go to play group two times a week.  I walk/jog on the treadmill late at night in the garage after everyone goes to bed.  My diastasis recti is pretty severe and slightly limiting at this moment as well.  But I am working on that as well.

I am not going to lie to you.  Trying to find time to work out once #2 got here is much harder than when it was just #1.  It has also been much harder to eat right.  But I am trying.  I am getting better.  Just as I think I am getting a hang of #2’s routine it all changes again.

I will say this….

Whether this is baby #1 or #4……

Find a play group!  Find a group of women that you get along with!  Find your person that is in the same life stage that you can vent to about everything.  Find someone who has kids around the same age  that your kid(s) play well with and you get along with.

This single act, finding a play group, with #1 has saved me this time around.  I have women to talk to, vent to when I need to, and bounce ideas off of them.  This postpartum, I am much better mentally because I have a better support group and I didn’t have to move across country either.

I will post updates to how I am doing.

What is your postpartum story?  Please share any part or all of it if you are comfortable sharing.

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