Paleo?????  What is Paleo?  That is just a fad diet.  Do you have food allergies?

I honestly think that I have heard it all.  I am by no means skinny and have put on my fair share of weight over the past 10 years.  The hubby is not skinny or overly fit or anything like that.  We work hard and we are working towards our goals.

I LOVE, LOVE Crossfit.  I love that I get pushed and am supported by everyone at this box.  I am nowhere near the best; but I try to be my best and improve every chance that I get.  At 24 weeks pregnant, I am still going, still working out and pushing myself.  I also (prior to getting pregnant) enjoy Yoga and Pilates, attempt running and working up to longer runs, and studio cycle.  I have done ONE super sprint triathlon, a few 5 K’s but I honestly really do not like running.

The hubby is starting his training for his first Ironman!  Wow…Seriously….I kind of think that he is crazy.  But, he is training hard and trying to come back from shoulder surgery this fall.  The trainer is all set up in the garage for him….It is the rainy season here.

So…Why paleo?  We started feeling run down all of the time and just eating crap.  We needed to turn things around.  We did our research.  We did a Whole 30 to “detox” our bodies.  It was hard!  Boy, oh boy was it hard.  However, I did feel that I gained energy and did not feel bloated.

Paleo: No sugar, grains, dairy, or basically any allergenic foods and processed foods.  Now, we do not have any food allergies or any particular reason to eat Paleo.  However, feeling less bloated and beginning the process of cutting ties with mainstream food production are fantastic benefits.

We buy as organic as we possibly can.  But, sadly, eating organic is not cheap.  If you need a place to start that wont kill your wallet and your food budget…… Stick with buying organic for the  EWG: Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.  In Fact, check out the Environmental Working Group, EWG.  The EWG is home to so much information and facts.  It has become my go to information location!

Ok so back to Paleo….Sorry for the diversion.  After a Whole30 you can add foods and food groups back in slowly if you like.  I love Paleo approved bacon.  I cook it on my cast iron griddle and then render the fat for amazing clean animal fat with hints of iron from the griddle.  I keep mine in the fridge and use it for everything.  Adds a fantastic flavor to all of your dishes.

Paleo is amazing for kids too.  Now don’t get me wrong, for a child without food allergies there really is no reason for them to eat a strict paleo diet.  My three-year old drinks milk and eats cheese but we have minimized her added sugar intake to very small amounts and only  for special occasions.  There is no need to expose her naive system to that much processed foods.

Ok the vomiting is done and it is late….I need to get to bed…..Chicken hash in the AM for breakfast in this house!!!!  YUM YUM…Can’t wait!

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