BeautyCounter…my “WHY”

Disclaimer:  I am a consultant for BeautyCounter.  I will provide the link to my Direct Retail Page.  What is most important is that you become an INFORMED and EDUCATED consumer.

Ok, so now that that is out of the way…Welcome.  Let me tell you why I decided that BeautyCounter was the best choice for me.  I will be honest…..I did not decide to become a consultant with BeautyCounter to make a ton of money.  I will not be leaving my full-time job to pursue this avenue.  I am much more interested in the educational part of informing and educating friends, family members and potential clients.

As I was trolling Facebook one afternoon, I noticed that an old friend from High School had a few posts about BeautyCounter on her page.  I decided to click-through and see what it was all about.  At first glance it appears to be a regular beauty line.  Then I started reading and stumbled across the press  and was impressed that this was making it into celebs purses and lists of products that you should buy.  Don’t worry this is when I decided to take the dive.

Then I found the NEVER LIST!  This was exciting.  My Bachelor’s degree is in Biochemistry, so nerding out a bit here.  If you don’t know…which most consumers do not know is that  the USA only bans  30  chemicals in beauty products, Europe bans close to 1,4oo chemicals, and BeautyCounter bans close to 1,500 chemicals!  That is a lot of chemicals!  BeautyCounter products are safer and cleaner than what you will find at the store and even at the high end department stores.

BeautyCounter is made in the USA with the exception of a few of the cosmetics because they couldn’t get the quality they were looking for and moved production to Italy where the heavy metals are in smaller quantities in the soil/clay.  A team of scientists test quality and if the product does not meet the strict standards set forth, the product is pulled until the issue can be determined and fixed.  BeautyCounter is Transparent.  The ingredients that go into each of the products is transparent, business practices are transparent, the whole company is transparent.

If you are ever interested in trying products… can always ask me.  I typically have samples available and can send them to you within a few days.  I will also start doing product reviews not only of my BeautyCounter products but also of all of the products that we are switching out for cleaner products around our home.

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