Everything Cleaner and the EWG

So here we are.  We are changing over our products for cleaner and safer  products.  I have been researching and reading and most importantly trying to educate myself on all of the different chemicals and what they do to our bodies.  I have to tell you….It is pretty scary.  I have been talking to friends about this as well.  Back in Chicago….people are just starting to get on board and it only seems that it is the families that know other families that have already made the switch or some switches that are even thinking about cleaner and safer products.  Here in California, it is much more prevalent among my daughter’s play-group mom’s.  Budget conscious and very health conscious.

So where did I go and what did I do…..I headed to the one site that kept coming up, the EWG.  The EWG..Environmental Working Group is “dedicated to protecting human health and the environment”. That is a very big task if you ask me.  As I sit here on my couch on one of my days off and # 2 is going crazy in my belly….I can’t help but think about the start of the EWG.  I wonder if when the co-founders of the EWG came up with the idea, they ever thought that this idea was ever going to become as big as it has, has as much of an impact on people’s lives as it has and has had as much of an impact on the way of life.  I am sure that they wanted it to be relevant and even more so relevant as we continue to get the word out and spread the education that they provide.  So…do your research!

The best place to look on the EWG are their consumer guides.  You will be able to find everything out that you could possibly ever imagine.  Imagine that you have entered Willy Wonka’s candy Factory and you want to know what the best candy is to eat!  OK, so maybe an analogy to candy is not the best but……you must understand the best products made of only the best for you ingredients will be rated an A.  Don’t worry the Consumer Guides will walk you through everything and there are explanations for each ranking.

So now that you know where I went.  Where did I go from here.  I looked up ONLY the A rated house cleaning products on the EWG.  I did more reading and label reading and I settled on trying the LION BEAR NAKED SOAP CO. Everything Cleaner Rosemary & Lavender.  Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. has products that are A rated on the EWG.  We have been using this product now for about a week.

Photo credit: Julian Symons

Wow!!!!!  The Rosemary and Lavender really do mask the smell of vinegar……Initially.  Then I get overwhelmed by the vinegar smell.  Now, this is an overpowering scent for me seeing that I am now 27 weeks pregnant.  It really isn’t the end of world for me!  I know that my countertops are clean and I am ok with my 3 year old wanting to help me clean using this product.  The Lavender oil and Rosemary oil are the ingredients that are of the most concern based on the testing and the reports.

Boy….I should have really gone to the local coffee shop to write this today.  It is honestly taking 5x as long……other things keep coming up and the time on the clock just keeps  ticking away.

Ok.  Focus!  What else should I tell you about this product.  I really do like it a lot.  It  cleans everything very well and does not leave streaks.  I clean my counter tops, sink, stove top, wipe down the outside of the appliances.  My 3-year-old daughter wipes down the kitchen chairs (they are metal), her Mickey Mouse table and chairs and her booster seat.  It is always fun to clean together!


As always questions and comments are  welcome!

Note:  I am not promoting this product for any gain of my own.  I will not get any reimbursement or commission if you decide to purchase this item.

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